Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Friendships & relationships

We are Full of LIFE

Sitting at office, talking to friends always give us some nice thoughts and new ways to look at our own life with some different perspectives. We always talk to each other about our relationships & Friendships and much more. Though this gives me a lot to write about.  There are some of those thoughts from one of my colleague.

Life is full of joy and sorrow, what makes it more joyful is a person who holds your hand in every condition and it's true saying that “life cannot be spend alone” there is always someone who’s there for you, whether it's your mom, dad, sister, friend, love.  It could be anyone.

A Conversation between JOY & SORROW

Joy: hi, I am in love buddy.
Sorrow: when and how????
Joy: I saw her in the park. She is so pretty.
Sorrow: Are you in love?

So, falling in love is too easy nowadays, people fall in love by just seeing someone for the first time, is it really love??? I doubt.  
Will this kind of relationship be fruitful?  

Second type of relationship
Joy: I love you.
Sorrow: really 😄
Joy: But there will be no commitment. It’s for sure we can't be together for lifetime, but we will be in relationship.
Sorrow: ok, few days are enough.
Joy: Means I will be yours till the time, I won't find anyone else.

Is it the way our parents love us, will they ever say – Look you are not beautiful or you haven’t made us proud, so sorry you are not my kid anymore.  
No, then what happen when it comes to romantic relationship?
Relationship is connection between two people, sharing bad and good times with each other.
Understand each other weakness and adapting it. Nobody is perfect ...relationship means two imperfect persons making a perfect relationship.

It's very easy to say I love you.... and easier to do break up .... What is difficult is to maintain.
It's like we bring a plant and care it for two three days then what will happen ... See the below image. 

                          (Murjagaya plant)
So, if you want that the plant to be green and grow healthy. You need to water it daily ... And care for it with love...

Love is the most powerful thing in the world.
Love drives a relationship like a fuel in a car ....
Many people nowadays think infatuation, liking, physical attraction is love.... Is it?

One should take time, understand each other.
It’s easy to fall for anyone, because people always put their best foot forward and hide the bad foot behind their back. It always be a case you judge people wrong initially.  
There are no such thing like a “perfect relationship”. It is nothing, just people who give time to their relationship and start knowing each other so well that relationship become so strong. It is the pure test of your patience’s.

Just simple things which can helps are knowing each other well, or maybe few common things between you, or how you fill gap of different mindsets. Think before you act.
"Durghanta se der bhali"

It becomes so important in a relationship to take time so that you can avoid a bad example and becomes other's gossip.
And even if something bad happens.  ALL is WELL

Sunday, 12 February 2017


We become what we consume?

If you have a chance to being around me, then you should have heard this sentence more often. I strongly believe that whatever we do, we always become what we consume on a daily basis. I am talking about your food, movies you watch and even people around you, the discussions you do.

Today most of our time has been spent on building social relations with others, but keeping an eye on whatever you heard from others are not always true. People will always tell you the truth you wanted to hear and not the actual truth. The only way you can find such people around you by keeping attention on their behaviour with others and the truth level their share while talking to others. There can be times when you think such people are good with you but speak shit about others, but think again because such people only knows how to shit about others,

So today or might be tomorrow it will be you.  

Take a time in a whole day and think does these shit talks will help you in anyway? Stop taking others garbage and invest that time on you to learn something which can help you in future.
Take an example of food; the more fast food you take in, the more weight you gain. Whereas eating healthy will make your life healthier and fit.  

How to deal with this:

Stop looking at those people who have negative outlook towards everything around.

Stop carrying others garbage in your mind.

People who teach you hatred cannot be a true friend.  

Be around people who motivates you to do better. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


A Sky Full of lighters

While ending one stage of life and moving to next. I have something to share: 

When I say a sky full of lighters, is the time when I talk about all of you.

You the people who can make a difference; who can deliver more than expectations every time. 

Living a dream with never ending problems.

But never lose your hopes which you always had, push yourself so hard and achieve what you desire.

Believe what is your dream and start fighting for it and there are no room for will be,

Refuse to ever give up, but gave up using's excuses!

Fight for every goal which is thrown in front of you, learn from every day. Keep fighting for your dreams. Keep learning everyday. 

Let the fire burn inside you, let it make you hungry for more.  

Become the creator not the consumers

To attain knowledge, add things every day.

To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

And I know there are not straight lines for success. 

So you need to create your own path, your own way to reach to top of the ladder and remembered as a champion. 

No worries if you saw a bad day, we all have. But fight back and learn from it.  
I saw a lot of faces; and a lot of achievements. 25 years of excellence & wish more to come.
When I talk to everyone I see faces who are thriving to do wonders, working hard day and night to make a difference in the company. I want to thank them and wish them to keep working hard without getting distracted.

But stop working for that 20k which you expect every 7th of the month. You have more to offer and more to achieve.
You can do wonders which no one have ever seen. I am sure you will make more than what you’re making it right now. And feel proud on what you have achieve later. And remember, nobody will remember you as how you looked, but will always talk about the work you did.

Learn -->Achieve --> Inspire

Now to end this:  Song: Bad Meets Evil - Lighters
“This one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be
With my eyes wide open and as I realize my dreams
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters, A sky full of lighters in PCTI

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Friendships & relationships

She Slept With Her Snake And Then The Vet Told Her Something Shocking!!

I have recently read wonderful story which i wanted to share with you all. Something amazing happens in the EnD. 

"This is a true story about a woman from India who lived in the Middle Ages and had a pet snake, python, which she loved so much. The snake was 4 meters long and looked healthy. However, one day her unusual pet just stopped eating.

This lack of appetite in the snake continued over a few weeks. The desperate woman tried everything she could and offered anything that a snake would like to strangle and eat. Nothing worked, and finally the woman took her loving pet to the veterinarian as a last resort.
The vet listened to the woman carefully and asked, “Does your snake sleep with you at night, wrap around you closely and spread out throughout its length?”

The woman was surprised and with a lot of hope she said, “Yes! Yes! It does it every day and it makes me so sad because I see something asking of me, and I cannot help it feel better.”

Then, the vet said something shocking and most unexpected. “Madam, your pet is not sick; it is just preparing to eat you.” Yes, the python wasn’t sick but it has been preparing to eat her instead!
“Every time, it is creeping and “hugging” you, wrapping around your body, it is checking size to weigh how a great meal you are and how it must be prepared before the attack. And yes, it does not eat, in order to have enough space to digest you more easily,” the vet said.

This story comes with a moral ie Even people close to you, whom you are very affectionate with, can, have mean intentions. You need to identify the snake around you and their true intent. Hugs and kisses are not always honest.

Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you."

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


How do we encourage person in different fields like Students, friends, colleagues, higher authority persons and lower authority person ??

We find this problem in our life when we see people around are not motivated enough to do their own job right. We get frustrated with the attitude they have for not doing the work on time. But still we wanted to help them motivate to perform better in their job, studies or any other field which can help them to make a brighter future. But we failed to do so... you know why ??

Few people are okay with not so okay life, then you can't convince them, till the time they do not realize themselves from inside. And never waste your time on people who are not ready to listen. They will only learn immediately when they will be ready enough, but not until then.

Many find problems in they life about what they want to become and what should they do in their life. And let such anxiety remain in your head, because its a good thing. And it will always keeps you on your toes. And helps gain more and more experiences.

Only way to encourage people is to make them realize purpose of their life.
Everyone has the power to do wonders but never give time and energy to brush that powers and strength. Realizing the strength and power is not one day task. It may take more then yo think. But  never stop working on that day and night. This should be your primary goal.

Making them understand there are no shortcuts and thinking about shortcuts are just waste of time. Working hard can only take you through.

And engaging themselves to work on themselves everyday. Like wise you can't build muscles without daily workout, same you can not be an extraordinary in your field without daily working on it.

But the best way to encourage people is to inspire them. Be an example in front of them. Do the hard work yourself, never back down from any challenge of life, never give up. Like i encourage most of my workmates to start blogging but they have not started it yet, but i hope i am inspiring them enough that they will start really soon.

And Enjoy life and stay happy. And if that person is open, ready and receptive enough, they will see it and will learn from you.

Hope you like my blogs, Kindly share your thoughts in below comment section.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Friendships & relationships

With whom to open up with your feelings??

It’s a hard question but I have all the answers you need. We all comes across the time in our life thinking about this question. Should I share all my dirty deeds or something personal with others, whom you consider your friends, family or someone special? Are they trustworthy??

Should we speak out our heart in front of everyone? I would say no.

Open up with those people who respect you, who always cares about you and who’s your real friends. Sometimes people pretend to be your friend but they are not. If they laugh on your personal feeling, they are not your friends. And joke or disrespect your feelings, they are not the right person with whom you share your feelings with. So beware of your friends, it’s important because the people we are sharing our problems with may use it for they own advantages. And the people with you alley is like the food we take in. Like junk food can make you look fat, so as the bad company friends can results in L.

 Now it’s you choose you wanna have junk food friends or the balance food friends. To do this simply take a min and think are these people good for you. Do they inspire you to do great things or just fooling around?? I guess you know the answers!!!

There will be few YES and a lot of NO’s.  But for the people there is a YES, try put more of your time, energy and love and try to be great friends with them. And for those people who are a NO, try cut them out from your life or keep a distance. Doing this is important because the directions your life takes is nobody responsibility accepts your own.  So you should be with the right type of people who can help you achieve your life goals and help you reach where you want to go in life. So some friends will inspire you and other will drain you …. SO pick wisely and KEEP SMILING. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mind & Heart

How to Spot Fake People!!

My recent reading taught me how to spot fake people around you!! So let’s know how

We get toghter with a lot of people in our daily life and still unable to know who’s fake and who’s real. So how to spot those fake people so that you can make a good distance from them.

So try these:

Start ignoring words and pay attention to their Actions and Intentions. 

People’s actions scrams much louder than their words. People who says a bunch of stuff to you (love you, Miss you), but if you pay attention to their actions and see that’s real or not. I think in today’s world we all are trapped where we are falling for what we want to hear. So people start telling what we want to hear and what we are craving for, whatever that maybe. Even when it does not make sense but we may fall for it. And that’s we all have gone through once in our life time. And if that’s not happen to you yet, wait that will happen in future, maybe the guy you recently meet or a business relationship or your Boyfriend or girlfriend or something you seen on TV, a product which look so prominent and which tries to sell you the hope to make your life better ;) where you end up buying it because they are telling you what you want to hear. But the reality is if you pay attention to the actions then we don’t have to worry about the words, sweet talks and all that jazz.

So if you want to see who are those real people around you, pay attention to their actions and not just pay attention on how they treat you, watch them how they treat other people. Like some of your friend who treat you wonderful but treat other people so horribly. That’s the indication what kind of person they are. And especially when people treat people differently depending upon how they can help them. Like example people treat wealthy people wonderfully because they have a hope of getting something as a return gift from them.

So I always pay attention towards people’s actions because when you are at the top everyone wants to be around you but when you are at the bottom, you wanna know how many people will remain with you. That’s the people I wanted to be with. And you don’t have to take a lot time to understand who’s fake and who’s real because they themselves show you the little hints which proves they are faking it, and then it the matter of time you believe and stop ignoring the fakeness and response to that people that Hey I don’t like the way you are and don’t want be around you. Beh-Bye.

Please share your thoughts in comments!! I Love reading your comments.